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Must-Know CFA Formulas

You'll find more than 400 CFA formulas in your level 1 or level 2 curriculum.

However, not all formulas are made equal. There are more important and less important ones. In our e-books and flashcards, you'll find the most important CFA formulas from your CFA curriculum.

CFA Must-Know Formulas E-book

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Level 1 e-book ($14): Dec L1 2018 June L1 2019

Level 2 e-book ($14): June L2 2019

CFA Must-Know Formulas Flashcards

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Level 1 flashcards ($14): Dec L1 2018 June L1 2019

Level 2 flashcards ($14): upcoming | get notified

How to acquire CFA formulas?

When learning CFA formulas:

  • use the small-steps approach: obviously you can’t learn 200 formulas overnight, but what you can do is learn 4 formulas a day over 50 days – it’s achievable with relatively little effort.
  • apply active learning techniques, e.g. write formulas down on a piece of paper or in a specially dedicated space on our flashcards, create your own flashcards to use for review, do exam-type computing questions.

Level 1 e-book + flashcards combo ($24 instead of $28): Dec L1 2018 June L1 2019

Level 2 e-book + flashcards combo ($24 instead of $28): upcoming | get notified

Must-Remember CFA Definitions

Around 20% of CFA exam questions relate to different definitions and terms.

And across 3000 pages of CFA curriculum, there are tons of them. We chose for you the most crucial ones and put them into this handy e-book:

CFA Must-Know Definitions E-book

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Level 1 e-book ($14): Dec L1 2018 June L1 2019

Level 2 e-book ($14): upcoming | get notified

Must-Have IFRS vs. U.S. GAAP Comparison

On average, 25% of Financial Reporting and Analysis questions in level 1 and even 30% in level 2 test you on the differences between IFRS and U.S. GAAP.

If you think about all the IFRS vs U.S. GAAP differences stated in your CFA curriculum... you can get a headache... However, some of the differences are definitely more popular in the exam and some are not that important

We distilled the most important differences from CFA curricula into 2 neat e-books available below:

Must-Have IFRS vs. U.S. GAAP Comparison Level 1

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Level 1 e-book ($14): Dec L1 2018 June L1 2019

Must-Have IFRS vs. U.S. GAAP Comparison Level 2

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Level 2 e-book ($14): June L2 2019

CFA Calculator Tips

So many CFA candidates get to know their approved financial calculator over the last weeks before the exam. It’s so unreasonable when you take into account how much your score on the exam depends on your calculator literacy. Don’t be one of them.

If you want to learn how to use your calculator’s MEMORY and CF, NPV, IRR, BOND, DATA, and STAT worksheets, check out this e-book:

Your CFA Calculator – a piece of advice

To optimize your CFA exam prep:

  • It would be best if you used your calculator regularly during your whole exam prep, ideally from its very beginning.
  • While doing practice questions, don’t use Excel or other tools – just use your approved CFA calculator.

Use the MEMORY worksheet of your calculator. It’s optimal if in your exam you write down as little as possible. That’s why you should store the computations in your calculator’s memory:

  • Firstly, you save much time: you can recall the values whenever necessary without the need to note them down and then input them to your calculator.
  • Moreover, it eliminates a possible mistake of putting down a wrong value or, the other way round, entering a different value than the one you jotted down.

CFA Level 1, 2, 3 e-book ($14):
TIBA II PLUS Tips (including PROFESSIONAL version)


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